Author Workshop - missing option/button (Details) in Add Interactivity section, Exercise 4 (8th point)


I am beginning to learn how to navigate AWS using these training materials: Amazon QuickSight - All aspects (

In the first Author Workshop - ‘Add Interactivity’ section/ Exercise 4 I am having trouble with point 8. There is no option for me to select ‘Details’ in the ‘Target sheet’ drop-down box.

Is there a solution to resolving this or is a different option more appropriate (have the changes selection option).


The name of the sheet in the exercise is “Details” .

For eg : in your screenshot, the sheet names are “Summary”, “Summary(1)”, “Sheet2” .

If you have not created the “Details” sheet , follow Workshop Studio . Exercise 8


Thanks Koushik! It took me some time to figure it out :smiling_face_with_tear: Appreciate your response.

Many thanks