Auto dashboard page refresh questions

Hi! My question is related to auto dashboard page refresh functionality. I’ve read this topic and got few questions Auto dashboard page refresh

  1. What does exactly this phrase mean “programmatic refresh of dashboards for near real-time data rendering”. What is near real-time? I read that we can update Dataset each 15 minutes for incremental refreshes. Is 15 minutes maximum we can achieve with Quicksight?

  2. What does programmatic refresh mean? So the data in Dashboard will be refreshed automatically while user stays on the page or will we need to do some sdk calls to refresh Dashboard?

  3. We can’t use SPICE datasets for auto refresh, can we?


Hi Stan,

I’m not the expert from QuickSight Team. But from my understanding:

  1. Near real-time means the latency would be at larger or equal to 1 minute, because the auto refresh interval can be minimal 1 minute. (You can check the screenshot in Auto dashboard page refresh). 15 minutes is the minimal interval for incremental refresh on SPICE data(can also do every 30 mins/every X hour), but the issue here is even the dataset is updated, dashboard won’t be refreshed unless you manually refresh the page.

  2. I think it means Dashboard will be refreshed automatically while user stays on the page (correct me if I’m wrong)

  3. right, we can only use direct query mode

Hi Jiaye_Liu! Thanks for your response!
I am curious, have you succeed with having near real-time Dashboards using Quicksight? Are the costs reasonable with this approach?

This might provide insight into live analytics with QuickSight: Visualize live analytics from Amazon QuickSight connected to Amazon OpenSearch Service | AWS Big Data Blog