Auto dashboard page refresh

I know QuickSight provides schedule and api for SPICE data refresh, and with direct query, data automatically refreshes when we open an associated dataset, analysis, or dashboard. However, my question is how can we do auto dashboard refresh, instead of refresh the page manually?

Is it to use update_dashboard_published_version API? Does it have any rate limits?

More context, we’re hoping to build a near real time dashboard to show changes automatically.

Auto refresh of the browser is available for ‘direct connection’ data sources. At the time of publishing the dashboard, check the box and provide the frequency of refresh in minutes.

Thanks for replying! However, I tried it in my account(free trial, should be standard edition) and there is no such a option. FYI, I was using direct query on Athena.

Is it the functionality for enterprise version?

The ‘Dashboard Auto Refresh’ feature is only available if you use QuickSight Capacity Pricing (see the language that says “Capacity pricing is also required for programmatic refresh of dashboards for near real-time data rendering”).

One you change your pricing model to Capacity Pricing, you can reach out to your QuickSight account manager and they can submit the request to turn the feature on for you (it doesn’t get automatically enabled as of today). If you don’t know who your QuickSight account manager is, you can contact

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