Realtime dataset for dashboard

I am currently implementing Databricks. I want to update Databricks data in the dataset every minute, and I want the corresponding dataset to automatically update the dashboard when it is updated.

While searching for similar information, I discovered the “enable auto-refresh for visualizations” option at Visualize live analytics from Amazon QuickSight connected to Amazon OpenSearch Service | AWS Big Data Blog. According to what I found at Auto dashboard page refresh, it seems that this option is only available when using Capacity Pricing. I am already using capacity in Quicksight, is this different from that? Can you please guide me on where to activate “enable auto-refresh for visualizations” in the menu?

@kangbis check your subscription.

You can find out your plan there. SPICE capacity is different than the capacity plan… The name is probably misleading, as diff tiers are bundled with SPICE capacity as well.

Thank you for your prompt response.

If I subscribe to Session capacity pricing in “Your subscription,” does this enable the “enable auto-refresh for visualizations” option?
Additionally, does this activated option apply similarly to the Dataset connected to DataBricks?

Am I understanding this correctly?

Hi @kangbis - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting the question. Yes, the screenshot provided by you is correct, but before doing it, I will suggest to raise a ticket to AWS Customer support team and understand in details as it may be a costly compare to standard/ enterprise edition.

Also it is possible for you to see the direct query will help you or not to get the real time refresh, however you may need a mechanism to refresh the page automatically.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hi @Sanjeeb2022.
Thank you for your response.

Is it possible to revert back to ‘Per reader pricing’ after changing to ‘Session Capacity pricing’?
I have a feeling that once we switch to ‘Session Capacity pricing’, a button might appear for ‘Per reader pricing’.

I have one more question.

Is the “a mechanism to refresh the page automatically” you mentioned unrelated to the “Session Capacity pricing” plan?
Is there something specific we need to request in “Manage Quicksight” for the updated data to be automatically reflected on the dashboard?

I’m expecting the data to be updated automatically, as described in the content on Realtime Analytics with Amazon Quicksight – An Amazon Connect Use Case. Are there any other things I should check?


We have switched to Capacity Pricing, but the option is not visible when publishing on the dashboard.
Does the Quicksight representative from AWS need to manually activate this feature for us?

Hi @kangbis - Sorry for the late response. I will advise your to raise a ticket to AWS customer support team to help on this. They will analyze the issue by screenshare and fix it.

To raise a ticket, please follow the link - Creating support cases and case management - AWS Support

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hi @Sanjeeb2022,

Thanks to your kind assistance, I was able to find several clues, and we’ve reached out to our cloud engineer to make the necessary requests to AWS. We received a response this week indicating that these functionalities will be activated soon. I want to express my gratitude for your help.

As this functionality is not officially supported, I had to piece together information from the community, which wasn’t always easy. It would be great if QuickSight could provide more detailed information on this in their documentation.

Due to this feature, we had considered conducting a PoC for Tableau integration. Nowadays, it seems that the trend is shifting towards real-time dashboards.

Additionally, having an annotation feature like the one described at would be greatly appreciated. We currently lack this feature, and our service team has to download CSV files daily, update them in Google Spreadsheets, and keep a record of any changes and events.

I was quite impressed that QuickSight includes a Sankey chart by default. Furthermore, not having to manage instances specifically for BI and the favorable pricing of SPICE have been significant advantages.

I hope QuickSight continues to improve and thrive.

Best regards,

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Hi @kangbis - Thank you. I am completely agree with you, QuickSight is evolving and day by day new features are getting added which improve customer experience, efficient better BI presentation as well. Can you mark your last post as solution so that the details can be visible to other community members.

Regards - Sanjeeb