Auto Hide columns on a sheet depending on filter selection

I have a 20 column analysis with multiple filters. 1 filter has two drop down options (cars and trucks). There are 3 columns that only pertain to cars and the other 17 columns pertain to both cars and trucks. I’d like to keep 1 sheet and have the 3 columns that don’t pertain to trucks not show (automatically hide) when trucks is selected from the filter. Is this possible? I know an alternative is to create a new sheet on a separate tab and have a “car” sheet and a separate “trucks” sheet but I’d prefer to have 1 sheet. I think another option is to design a sheet in Freeform and write an expression to send to back and/ or bring to front based on a filter selection. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hi Carlos,

Create calculated fields for each of those 3 columns. If the Filter column value is Truck, make those 3 calc fields as blank. Show values if the filter column is Car.
Hope it helps !

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Thanks @Vignesh_Kannan i was hoping to hide the entire column.

Hi @Carlos_Ranel,

If you are able to use free-form mode, then you may be able to use parameters to achieve a similar effect using two table visuals, one for truck-only columns and the other for truck & car. This article describes a process (different use-case to yours, but may provide a solution)


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