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I have a survey that I have run for two different teams. Team 1 does have 5 questions and while other one have 8 questions. I want to build one analysis for both teams so that it’s easy to manage. The challenge - Since I have put 8 visuals, when team 1 logs in they see 3 visual blocks with no data.
What I want to achieve - When team 1 logs in, they see 5 visuals blocks and team 2 see 8 visuals blocks.

Any guidance/hack to achieve this?


you can achieve this with the Free-form-mode. You can switch to it in the settings menu on the left.

Then you need a dataset with all users or groups and a value for team 1 and team 2.

like this:


then you create a parameter and use the dataset with the usernames, to set a dynamic default. With this, the value of the parameter changes with the user.

Then you can go to the settings of each visual and under the menu Rules you activate
“Hide this visual by default” and add a rule. You select the parameter, Equals 2 and “Then show visual”. This way the visual is hidden, unless a user with the id 2 opens the dashboard.

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Thanks, Thomas for helping me out promptly. Unfortunately, this will work when there are only two teams. My bad I gave an example of two teams only. What if there are 10 teams. What would the parameter equal “?” to displace the chart. We want this to be scalable.

Following the steps for free-form-mode conditions and dynamic default values @thomask outlined you will get a result like below.

“cSurvey” is a parameter with a Dynamic Default Value. User/Team 2 will load with a default parameter of 2, where User/Team 1 will load with a default parameter value of 1.

Example Default Parameter Dataset:

You can have multiple condition rules:

Optional - You can choose to show the controls/visuals to allow switching surveys.


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Hi Rob,

@thomask and your suggested solution have brought us further nearer to the end goal. We realized one more challenge here. Since the number of questions for the same survey may vary from one team to another team, I get the no data visuals (see example below). To simply put we have number of surveys and number of questions in surveys, both are variables.

Is there anyway we can hide visuals that shows “No data” message

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Here you can see conditional rules on hiding a visual: Conditional rules - Amazon QuickSight

Hi Rob,
For one of the related requirement I am looking to overlap two visuals based on conditional rules, when i try to do so it displays only the visual which is on the front. Is there a way we can do show and hide in the same space.?
As in your example on click of option 2, Question 3 and 4 overlaps with Question 1 and 2.

Can someone please suggest ways of achieving this.


Hi @DivyaB -

You can place the hidden visuals over the shown visuals or vice versa. Note: When you are in analysis designer you will see “hidden based on rule”. The content is completely hidden once published as a dashboard.

Is this the interaction you are after, or something different?

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Hi @robdhondt, how can the section with radio button selection be created in quicksight?

Hi @quickmeso -

The radio buttons are browser specific, for example, they will show for Chrome but not Firefox.

If you’re using Chrome, you can select “List” for the control style. When the control is pinned to the top it will default to showing as a “Dropdown” but if you move the control to the sheet it will be shown as radio buttons.

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did you get answer to this?