Auto-set parameter value based on cascading control

I want to set a multi-row parameter by selecting the associated “friendly name”. Using cascading controls and a utility table that associates a friendly name to the multiple category IDs that are valid. In the parent control I can select “some friendly category name” and it sets the matching child control values to (e.g.) 109,204,221,333. Then I can use the child parameter to filter the matching rows.
Sadly, changing the child control options doesn’t trigger the filter. I still have to go to the child control and “select all” before the filter is instigated.
I want the parameter under the child control to “refresh” every time the parent control is changed and instigate the filter action.
Is this possible?


Checkout this may help you.

Naveed Ali

Thank you for the reply Naveed. I don’t think that thread solves my issue.
Imagine the dataset below powering my controls. I need to filter the dataset on a multi-value parameter that contains the codes that match the season. If I choose “Spring” the parameter should be set to 121, 130, 149, 150.

If I set Code as a child control, selecting “Spring” gives me the correct list of codes, but they are unselected by default. I need them to be selected by default so the filter will activate (and I can hide the child control under another chart).
Or is there some other approach I’m missing?

This was resolved using a calculated field to add a row to the dataset with the designated season based on code.

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Thanks for letting us know @aswilson!

@aswilson Hi I am facing a similar issue, could you please elaborate on what calculated field did you use

With the above example, I created a calculated field called season with a formula like:
elseif(locate('121, 130, 149, 150', {code})>0, 'Spring', locate('320, 345, 346, 375', {code})>0, 'Winter', locate('218, 236, 242, 289', {code})>0, 'Summer', locate('412, 413, 440, 451', {code})>0, 'Fall', NULL)
Now I can use the calculated field season as a dropdown filter. When I choose Summer I get all the records that contain 218 or 236 or 242 or 289.