Average of Average

Hi Team,

I have a calculated field NumofAvgDays calculated as
avgOver (DateDiffDays,[TEAM,USERID])

What is the best way to calculate the average of this calculated field( NumofAvgDays) ?

Thank you!

Hi can you try doing this?


Thank you @Max !

I am getting the below error

Good morning @abacon ,

Your tips and tricks helped me to get the desired output (for my last question). Any tips or tricks to get the desired output for this?

Appreciate your help!

Your DateDiffDays is an issue because of all the calculations.

I would suggest recreating the dateDiffDays in SQL and then doing this.

Thank you, @Max !

My “DateDiffDays” calculated field

“PriorOrderDate” calculated field:
What is the best way to recreate this so that I get the same output?

Thank you!

Hi Team,

Anyone have any solution for this?

Thank you!

As @Max mentioned, you have too many aggregations that are nested. Can you use SQL to calculate your DateDiffDays at the dataset level? If you can do that, you’ll be able to calculate the average in your analysis/dashboard.

No. ACTIONDATE is not a calculated field

Your PriorOrderDate is a calculated field as well as your DateDiffDays.

Please try and recreate your DateDiffDays in SQL