Average per day calculation help

I’m having trouble with what I think should be a simple calculation. I have a table that aggregates rows by month.

I’m trying to create a calculated field that shows me the average completed appointments per day in the month.

So here is what I have for completed appointments by itself which is working correctly.

      ifelse(Status = 'Completed', 1, 0)

Here is what I have for the number of work days in the month which is working correctly by itself.

      max(netWorkDays(truncDate('MM', Date), Date))

Here is what it looks like in my table

So now I want to simply divide these results to get average completed per work day. I’m trying to do this but I get an error.

      ifelse(Status = 'Completed', 1, 0) / max(netWorkDays(truncDate('MM', Date), Date))

The error is just a generic “We encountered an error while generating your calculated field…”

Hi @CoreyLeichty,

Can you try this instead?

sum(ifelse(Status = 'Completed', 1, 0)) / max(netWorkDays(truncDate('MM', Date), Date))