Blurry Data Labels in Pie Chart (How to Fix?)

Hello Everyone,

I’m having trouble with my pie chart. The data labels appear blurry, making it difficult to understand the data breakdown in the chart. I’ve tried changing the font size and colour, but the issue persists. Any suggestions on how to fix this blurriness and improve the clarity of the data labels?

Thanks In Advance!

Hello Ashok,

I don’t see any blurriness . could you elaborate more ? if your data labels are small or tiny you could use the text to be Extra large as shown below


Hope this helps.


Hi @Deep,

Firstly, Thanks for the response.
I have tried using data labels to extra-large. But still the issue persists. If we compare this data label Redemption with the title on top i see some blurriness.


Hi @abobbala, yes – it does look blurry while resizing, full screen or half seems to be ok. I have tagged this as a feature request. More features are being added on a regular basis, so please keep an eye on the What’s New / Blog . You can set up a Watching Alert by clicking on the bell icon.