Calculated field dictionary

I am currently working on some data from zendesk, and the custom fields comes as a single field filled with a list of dictionaries. My question is, how can i access specific values from their keys using calculated fields. As an example inside custom fields i have a “name” key and its value, my goal is to have that value as the return of my calculated field.

Hi @Joao_Victor_de_Paiva -

Currently you have to unnest JSON see this related question How to import JSON with nested array

If you can unnest the JSON before importing you can use the parseJson - Amazon QuickSight within DataPrep like this.


Im currently using csv files, since those fields wouldn’t show up when i used jsons, is there something like that for csv or should i revert back to json and try following those steps?

Edit: Switched back to json and managed to use Glue DataBrew to unnest the fields, thank you!

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