How to import JSON with nested array

I am importing some JSON data into AWS QuickSight. It does some flattening of the file as described here:

Here is a simplified example of what I am importing:


The field id is imported with the name However the field level2 is ignored, I presume this is because QuickSight will not flatten a nested array, although there are no error messages to confirm this.

Does anyone have any idea how I can import this data? I have considered using jsonParse to create a calculated field, however I can cannot even address the contact field, let alone the contact.level2 field.

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List attributes and list objects within a JSON record arenā€™t supported, and will be skipped during import.

Hi Stuart,
Currently you are required to unnest JSON data before pulling into QuickSight. If you prefer UI based unnesting, you may look into Databrew that allows a single click unnesting. If you prefer script based, you may check ā€˜Relationalizeā€™ in Glue. Then use the result as your input data to Quicksight.