Calculated field size limit issue

I’m trying to update an existing calculated field. When I hit ‘Save’ I get the following message?
Calculated fields size limit exceeded
This action could not be performed because the overall size of the calculated fields is too large. To resolve this issue, try removing some calculated fields or reducing the size of calculated fields.

In this particular analysis, I have a another calculated field with the same calculations that I’m able to save with no issues. Additionally, I’m also able to create new calculated fields with smaller calculations.

How is the size of the calculated fields determined? Is it determined on the dataset/analysis level or per calculated field level?

Hi @naaishwa1,

There is a calculated field size limit which applies across all calculated fields (hence why you could previously create longer calculated fields and can now only create smaller calculated fields).

This is currently a hard limit, I would recommend if possible removing any unneeded calculated fields or moving these calculated fields down to your dataset layer.

I have tagged this as a feature request to be reviewed by the product team.