Calendar bug: days are not shown

The days of the month are not being showed when the calendar is unfolded. I can only watch them when I click somewhere. Is this a bug from QuickSight?Thanks for your help.
Captura de pantalla 2022-09-30 102752

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Hi @gfername,

Are you using a custom theme? It looks like the day numbers are displayed, but are very similar to the background colour. Try changing the Primary background and Secondary foreground colours in your theme.

I managed to achieve a similar result by choosing similar colours in my theme…

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I have the same problem. Earlier it was black. Today it was grey.
I don’t understand why the QuickSight team added this change. Does NOT make any sense to me. I want to show it as “Black.”

I have just solved it with a theme modification, thanks @abacon for your reply.
I’m working on this dashboard for 6 months and never happened this. I think colors and themes didn’t apply to calendar before and now Amazon have updated it.


See my comments on this issue in
Date controls content not visible - Question and answer - Amazon QuickSight Community
if you do not want to modify your theme