Date controls content not visible

I have a date control in my dashboard. All of a sudden it is looking blank and i can’t choose any dates.



check you start or end date in you control.

Naveed Ali

I can still see the dates but looks like the font color(white) is not too obvious. you may change the color in the analysis theme

Hi - my end users have recently started to experience the same issue.


Following the comments above, I changed the Secondary foreground colour in our theme from #FFFFFF (white) to #7777777 (grey) and this made the days visible.


  1. Owing to the dark background of our theme, we require a white Secondary foreground colour, otherwise titles, descriptions, labels etc are illegible
  2. Our theme has been the same for 18 months and this issue on the date picker control has only appeared recently.

Has there been a change in how the Secondary foreground colour is utilised in the date picker control?

Hi @royyung - are you able to review my post above please and answer my question, or pass to the wider QuickSight-Team?

Hi @CJWatson, we need to collect more information to diagnostic the issue. Can you please capture a screenshot of the color you are using (like below) and raise a support ticket? Our support engineer can check the logs and see if any issue in the backend in your account. And they can reach out to wider QuickSight team to solve the issue.


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HI @royyung - Case 11011006851 logged