New update date control bug

Has anybody else experienced problems with their controls since the new UI update? I have these date controls and now when I type a date in them it doesn’t actually change the parameter value but it does show the date I typed in the control.
For instance here I had the start date set to 11/1/2018, then I went in and typed 11/1/2019. When I click off that control it shows the date I typed (11/1/2019) but the parameter is still set to the previous value (11/1/2018). Also shown the ellipsis stays visible on my controls even when they are not selected.

I should also note that up until a couple hours ago I was also getting “No Data” when I changed this filter even though there was data available between the selected date ranges

Hi, Thank you for bringing the issue to our notice. We have informed the concerned team and will contact you shortly for more information. Thank you!

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Hi, @Rushabh_Vora are you working on it? This problem started to happen in our dashboards since last week. This made it impossible for our teams to keep track of their numbers using Quicksight dashboards.

What is happening in practice: If an user sets a data in a control, let’s say for example 7/9/2022, using the date picker or typing it in the field, the date is changed to 9/7/2022 when the field lost focus and the date applied to filter the views is the last.


Hi @Alisson,

I have been experiencing the same problem. I think it is an issue with Quicksight handling date formats since it is confusing DD/MM/YYYY with MM/DD/YYYY.

What worked as a workaround for me is to change the date format of the date-control to something like ‘DD. MMM YYYY’. This displays the month as 3 letters (e.g. ‘Sep’), which seems to ensure that Quicksight does not get it wrong.

I hope this helps!

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Hi @antonwilms.

I’ve already tested with a format like MM/DD/YYYY and it worked too. The problem is that we a Brazilian company and our date pattern is Day/Month/Year, so it can cause some misunderstanding within our users.

Your suggestion is better because with months in a text format it will be more intuitive.

I’ll use that as a temp workaround until it is fixed.

Thanks a lot for your tip.