Calendar sql query and Generate Series

Hello everyone!
I am trying to create a Calendar in SQL to later join it to my dataset.
After a little research on this forum, I found these two posts that suggested to use the generate_series function.

However, the generate_series function does not work on Quicksight, as it says it’s not a recognized function.

Even trying a basic query like SELECT GENERATE_SERIES(1, 10, 2) does not generate a result.

I also tried to do it with the following code below but it also did not work.
WITH NumberSeries AS (
SELECT 1 AS Number
SELECT Number + 1
FROM NumberSeries
WHERE Number < 10
FROM NumberSeries;

Is there any way to create a Calendar query or use a generate_series like function in Quicksight’s SQL environment?

@igcosta ,

The error is from SQL Server ( Fix “‘GENERATE_SERIES’ is not a recognized built-in function name” in SQL Server ) .

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