Create timeline chart


I have a dataset with fields like start_date and end_date which reflect when an asset is unavailable. I want to create a timeline chart where the x axis will have a calendar. Namely, it should start with a date, for e.g 2010-01-01 and enable user to scroll and display future days with 1 day interval. My goal is to show a red line parallel to x axis line for the dates between start_date and end_date and a green line otherwise.
I wonder what’s the most efficient way to do this? I saw QS doesn’t have the option timeline chart. My thought is to import the dataset to Python, iter over the rows, get all dates between start_date and end_date and fill a new column accordingly to display availability. Then import back on QS and plot somehow the calendar dates with the availability field to get green/red for date intervals. However, this approach will change the original dataset which is not desirable. I wonder whether there is a better way to do this? Any ideas?

I would suggest creating a calendar in SQL and joining your data onto it.