Can I change a pivot table to a stacked bar combo chart with functions?

Hello, people!

I created a indicator using the function “percentDifference”, but a want to use it in a stacked bar combo chart. Is it possible?

  • The X-axis use four strings that references date/time
  • In the bars i’m using a parameter, grouped by status
  • And a need two lines: one calculated field that it’s working and another with the percentDifference()

The function it’s working on a pivot table, but I want to know if it’s possible to use the same function os something similar in a chart:

Thank you in advance for the support! ^^’

Jéssica Comparotto

hi @jessica.comparotto - In a stacked combo chart you can only have a single x axis dimension so your date field would need to be a single field instead of four like you have in your pivot table.

Camille, thank you so much for your support!

I had also tried to use only one date dimension on the x-axis, but an error is displayed and I would like to know if any parameters are missing in the function I created.

The error is as follows: “Table calculation attribyte reference(s) are missing un field wells

Could you please help me again?

hi @jessica.comparotto - if you move the GTV percentDifference field to the Bars field well it will work. You can’t have that formula it in the lines, that would be a feature request as it doesn’t seem to be supported currently. Let me know if this gives you what were trying to achieve or else I’ll share this with our product team. Thanks!

First of all I really appreciate your help Camille! ^^’

In this case, I really needed this new line on the chart. Could you please share this case with your product team?

Yours sincerely,
Jessica Comparatto