[Tooltips] The tooltip is not displayed while hovering over the some bars in chart

This is a “stacked bar combo chart” where the X-axis represents dates (the last day is compared to the previous day, the same day the previous week, the same day the previous month, and the same day the previous year). The line represents the number of total calls and the bars - the number of calls grouped by results. Besides the absolute number of calls, I added custom tooltips that show the daily change of calls by results in percentage and the percentage of calls by results compared to the number of total calls. The tooltips are based on the calculated fields.


In this example hovering over the first two bars causes no tooltip to be displayed.
The same behavior relates to the “clustered bar combo chart”.

I noticed that some days only the first bar does not show the tooltip and sometimes the first two.

When using the “basic tooltip” then it’s ok.

The “vertical stacked bar chart” and the “vertical bar chart” do not have this problem.

Seems I found out what causes the issue. These are the custom tooltips based on the calculated fields that use difference() and percentDifference(), for instance:
percentDifference(sum({total_calls_prs_result}), [date DESC], 1)

You can see on the screenshot what tooltips I mean

So is this a bug? Could the QuickSight team investigate this?

Hi, could you please provide additional information on how these custom tooltip fields were added to the combo chart? Were these added to bars or lines?

I have charts where such tooltips were added to bars as well as to lines. And both have the described issue.

Hi, we are unable to reproduce it and would need a deeper examination of the issue. Could you forward this issue to quicksight-help@amazon.com