Can I create a parameter dynamic changed based on another parameter

I have a parameter and control WK/Month (Values are Week and Month) and create another parameter WoW/MoM. I want to add this WoW/MoM as a title name for one column when control WK/Month=Week, it shows WoW as title name for this column and when control WK/Month=Month, it shows MoM as title name. Is this able to be done in quicksight?

Hi @yingkz
yes you can use a parameter as column header

If that’s what you meant.


Hello ErikG, thank you for your reply. I understood this but my question is how can I link parameter Wk/Month with WoW/MoM. for example if I select Wk/Month control = ‘Week’ I want the title name is changed to WoW. if I select Wk/Month control = ‘Month’ I want the title name is changed to MoM

It’s a bit tricky because you can only use parameter in title and not a calculated field.

Maybe you can create to parameter control (WoW and MoM) and show the corresponding based on your WK/Month control.

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How can I link one control based on another control? I have tried to create another control WoW and MoM but did not find the option to link them

Hi @yingkz ,

Work around - If you are using free form layout, you can create a ifelse calculation to derive comparison type (WoW/MoM) based on period parameter, bring that to a table, format the table show just that one cell and overlay on top of column header.

If this won’t work for you, there is a more elaborate work around that can potentially work. Let me know.

Arun Santhosh
Pr QuickSight SA

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