Can I link existing AWS users to SSO

Every time a user sign in to quicksight for the first time via SSO a new Quicksight user id is being created, something like Quicksight-Reader-Role/

Is there a way to link existing user email to SSO?

Hi @Ramkishore1999
If I understand your issue, few users were created in QuickSight and then you enabled SSO using a federated role. Now you have two users in QuickSight for a single actual user. Is my understanding correct?


Hi @n_vetri
That’s correct!

Hello @Ramkishore1999, my apologies for the delayed response. Unfortunately the answer is no. The user creation needs to be initiated through the SSO, so the existing users will need to be managed similarly to a new user and have permissions moved to the new account.

Since this is not existing functionality, I will also tag this topic as a feature request. Thank you!