Setup single sign on for Quick Sight dashboard for our users

Hello AWS Quicksight team
Darshana from Insuredhq here.
We are using AWS services including quicksight.
I am developer, But not able to find proper steps or video to setup SSO.
Here is a detail of my issue.

  1. We are creating dashboard from Quicksight.
  2. We copy URL from Quicksight and add those in to our website report page. eg,
  3. When our already logged-in user clicks on this link, Page will send them to Quick Sight login page for the first time
    4.So, here we dont want to login both places - our system and then again on Quicksight
    5.So what is solution for this ?
  4. I refer docs and found SSO and Cognito setup will work for this.
  5. I have read about both setup. But I am not good for administrator setup in to AWS. So can anyone help me to setup this requirement with good guidance ?

Hi Darshana! Here is a link to the documentation to setup SSO for QuickSight by using AWS SSO & identity federation. These instructions are for using AWS managed Microsoft Active Directory. If you are using a different identity provider, please provide details and I can point you to additional documentation.

Marking solved. Please reopen if any further questions.

Given link for SSO is not working,
But sir my question is that, is it possible can we link our customers direct on QS, So they have to login only once in to our system and they will redirect to QS report without login ?

Waiting for your reply.

We are having the same issue. We want to pass a redirect uri through SSO so that we can link to a dashboard, have the user sign in and then view the dashboard.

Has that issue been solved?

Hi @darshana.s,
What you are referring to is a service provider initiated SSO flow. First you would setup your Identity provider in AWS Identity Center, directions here: Providing access to externally authenticated users (identity federation) - AWS Identity and Access Management

Then you would be able to setup the SSO flow.