Can I transfer ownership of a dataset/analysis/dashboard?

Is it possible to change the primary owner of a dashboard and the associated analysis and data sets? I know that I can share these items and designate a user as a co-owner, but I am hoping for a complete transfer with all owner rights granted.


There is no primary or secondary owner of an asset. A co-owner has same permissions as original creator of the dashboard and other assets. Are you trying to remove access for original creator of the assets?

I guess you could just remove yourself from the dashboard using the QuickSight API (CLI) once you’ve made someone else owner.

Removing access isn’t necessarily a requirement, I am trying to plan for a team member that has accepted an internal transfer so their dashboards don’t have an interruption of service

Hi Aaron,

In this case making the new person co-owner of the assets should suffice. If this new owner is going to modify that connected datasets, make sure to make this person owner of connected datasets as well.