Can I use a calculated field as a filter?


I have calculated field ifelse({enrollment_completion_ts}>={12months} AND {results_with_expiration}=‘passed’, ‘Active Certified’, ‘Not Certified’)

Which returns me Active Certified and Not Certified.

Now I want to use it as a filter to filter out the Not Certified customers but when I do that I get the error message, No Data found. Is there here some sort of limitations from Quicksight or am I doing something wrong?

The short answer here is yes, you can use calculated fields as a filter. Have you confirmed that your filter is actually working as intended? From the sample you’ve given above it appears that you are you are comparing the results_with_expiration field with the 12months field. Is that correct?

I’d check in the Data Prep returned table that you are actually seeing results for both values in your output to make sure.

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