Can I use QuickSight Navation Action with Filter without affecting the current sheet?

I am testing QuickSight Navation Action with Filter.
There are 2 sheets - the main sheet and the detailed sheet - and when I use the filter on the main sheet, I want it to take me to the second sheet with the filtered visual and leave the main sheet data without the filtered.

I could check that QuickSight takes me to the second sheet with filtered data from the main sheet. But the main sheet data is filtered as well. Is there any way to remain the main sheet as it is while using the navigation action?

You would take whatever filter you have applied to that parameter off of the 1st sheet but keep it on the second.


Use the navigation action with Action URL and pass the filter parameter only in second sheet.

  1. Create the parameter.
  2. Create a filter for the sheet based on the parameter which filters all the visuals you’d like to filter.
  3. Create the action on the bar chart, choose navigation action as the action type, keep the target sheet as the same sheet, and select the parameter you just created.
  4. Now when you click on a customer the parameter value will be set.
  5. You can create another filter on the drill through report which uses the same parameter, then when you drill through the data will be filtered as expected.