Can QuickSight dashboard be displayed in Confluence? Or how can QuickSight access JIRAs?

I’m new to QuickSight, I’m able to bring up a QuickSight dashboard and our team is using Confluence/JIRA for bug tracking.
And we want to have a single dashboard to have all the information together. Is there a way to display the QuickSight dashboard in Confluence or how can QuickSight access JIRA?
Is there a detailed instructions? And how can I contact a QuickSight support for real person support?
I signed up Amazon QuickSight Demo, but no one contact me…


I don’t know about embedding into confluence. That would be a question for confluence.

In regards to getting data from Jira you can do that via the native data source connection to quicksight.

I am not fully aware of all the information you will receive, but if it’s not what you are looking for you might need to look into developing an ETL pipeline from JIRA to QuickSight.