Can we see the underlying data of the Chart?

Hi Team/@Max ,

I want to see the underlying data of a chart/visual! I know there is View Summary option on every visual, but thats not what I want.

Lets say i am in a bar chart, I want to see the underlying data/transactions of only Germany!

Is there anyway I can see the complete data of just something, not the entire dataset. Lets say totally 1M transaction, but I am only interested on Germany’s transactions?

You can add actions to filter / change a parameter.

Hi @kodimalar.sakthivel
You can do this via navigation action. Exercise 4 in this workshop explains how to achieve this.

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Hi @bergqdou ,

This helped a lot, I created a navigation action and get into the dataset.

  1. But when i was referring the WorkShop Exercise 4 I didnt get something - Action Name value “See orders from <> customers”, I quite didnt get this part I understand the <<>> is a param but what about see orders from customers, is this working like a query?

I tried something like this on my dataset but didnt work, so i am trying to decode what could this be? can you please help me with it?

  1. When I do drill down into another level lets say from Country I went into State level, now can I see the dataset with only that particular state on? Basically asking that this Navigation Action can it work well when we are drilling down?

Hey, Thank you @Max!