Cannot Access Data for This Visiual

Not sure what changed, but I have been using the same process to create dashboards for all my tenants. I have a “standard” dataset and analysis. When I add a new tenant I clone the dataset to point to the new schema and create a new dataset (all my tenants are in different database schemas for security reasons). I then go into my default analysis and replace the standard dataset with the newly created dataset and then publish a new dashboard specifically for that tenant. I have done this same thing at least 20 times without any issues. However, today when I tried it I got the following error:

I am the owner of the dataset and the dashboard. I checked the data source and the dashboard is associated with the data source. I am also getting the problem now on datasets that have been working for years.

Any ideas on what changed or what I need to do differently now?

this has magically cleared itself up.

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