Can't replace dashboard I created

When I go to ‘Publish Dashboard’ on a particular analysis it no longer gives me the option to ‘Replace an Existing Dashboard’. This seems to have started happening when I created a duplicate analysis and dashboard. Is there anyway to be able to replace the original dashboard?

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 13.35.23

Hi @hcooper95
The dashboard has a one to one relationship with the analysis, so you can’t replace a dashboard with a different analysis (which this will be if you created a duplicate).
However, you can use the APIs to do it using UpdateDashboard - see rajjaya’s response in this post Overwrite current dashboard URL with new analysis

Personally, I just name it the same and then delete the original. You can tell which is which by the date. If you have the dashboard in any folders you will need to redeploy the new version. Once you delete a dashboard all links to it disappear out of folders.