Change time period in Insight basis a control

Hi can anyone please help me with changing the weeks or time period on an Insight? Suppose i am calculating a WoW basis Wk and WK-1 , and I want to have a Week control that controls which week’s data is seen in the Insight and not automatically assume the previous time period

It would also be helpful if I could set a date for the insight - as it is a WoW insight and my data updates everyday, it calculates WoW for half a week as compared to the full week of the previous week. Is there any way I can ensure it considers only a full week data?

For your first question,

Have you tried to add a filter to you insight that says only show data before this time? This will default it to the most recent week of your filter.

Here is an example

Secondly, if you want to not look at this weeks data you can exclude that in a filter.

You can also say to not look at data from a parameter that you can set up as a date picker.

However, I think what your last question might be asking is how to show this weeks data minus 7 days compared to the data from 7 days ago to 14 days ago?

You can try this calculated field to show that. However, it will still default to showing the Sunday of the week in an insight.

offset_day_from_today = addDateTime(7-extract(‘WD’,now()),‘DD’,{arrival_timestamp})

Let me know if any of that helps!