Clarification on Quicksight Session Capacity Pricing for anonymous embedding

As per the article it says that, The embedded dashboard opened for 30 min will be considered a session.
What if user refresh the page multiple times in span of 30 min.

  1. Will it create different embed URLs each time.?
  2. Will it consider the session as multiple sessions (equal to number of refreshes)

Hi @yogendrasgautam

To my understanding refreshes are not considered another session.

You can confirm by looking into the api on your network tab / if you have logging.

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Hi @yogendrasgautam - You can embed dashboards for registered users or anonymous users.

  1. For registered user, the session lasts for 30 min. If you refresh the page multiple times in a span of 30 min, it is still considered a single session. Please note that embed url is generated by the host application. If the page refresh activity triggers the application to regenerate the url and that is within the 30 min of the session, you are still considered within the single session. Note that for user based pricing, it is caped at max of $5 and no charges after that for any number of sessions consumed.

  2. For anonymous user, the session lasts for 30 min. You can interact with the dashboard without the generation of a new session within the 30 min span. However, if you refresh the page, which results the host application to regenerate the embed url, a new session is created.

Please note that whenever the host application calls the generate embed url api, it creates a new url. However, for registered user, QuickSight can track the session based on the user ARN provided. For anonymous user, every time a different anonymous user ARN is created.

source: QuickSight pricing

When does a Reader Session start and end? A Reader Session starts with user-initiated action (e.g., login, dashboard load, page refresh, drill-down or filtering) and runs for next 30-minutes. Keeping Amazon QuickSight open in a background browser window/tab does not result in active sessions until the Reader initiates action on page.

Will a Reader be logged out after a 30-minute session? No, Reader sessions are transparent to the QuickSight Reader. Reader sessions will be automatically renewed in 30-minute intervals, and time out 30 minutes after start upon inactivity. Readers will only be logged out of QuickSight when their authentication expires, which is dependent on the authentication scheme in place (can be one of QuickSight-only users, SAML/Open ID Connect or Active Directory).


Thanks @debapc for posting this solution, and welcome to the QuickSight Community! :slight_smile: