Compare Weekly Data


I have a dataset of transactions against merchant IDs with a granularity of one minute. This means that for a particular merchant ID, there could be any number of transactions with a gap of one or more minutes.

I want to create an analysis that compares transactions on a weekly basis. For example, the user can select a start date and end date for week 1, and another start date and end date for week 2, and the analysis should show the comparison between these two weeks.

I tried adding a filter based on date ranges with 4 parameters for each date (week 1 - start date and end date, week 2 - start date and end date). However, the result is not showing any data, though it works fine with a single date range.

Any help in adding the filter would be appreciated.

Have you looked into this article? I think it will help get to what you’re looking for.

Hi @Max It did help. Thanks for sharing it but I have a scenario in which I have to compare weeks data with one minute granularity, when I follow the above steps it is showing only one point on x axis, i.e for week start date but I need to show the transactions data with the granularity of one minute for that week and previous week.
Any help will be appreciated. TIA

Are you saying your calculations need to be to the minute or that the visual isn’t showing the minutes?

Make sure your visuals are aggregated to the minute.

@Max I need to show the weekly data but to the granularity of a minute. My visual is already aggregated to minutes.
Week data is correct but it is showing only one point on x axis for a week, I guess due to the Date (period) field

Hello @Anubhav_Gupta !

Are you still having trouble with your time granularity in your visual? I would recommend trying to change the granularity on the date filter you mentioned. I’m not 100% sure but that could be causing problems with the how you want the visual to display minutes.

If you found the solution please feel free to share that as well to help add to the community. I am going to archive this topic since it has been open for an extended period of time. If you need more assistance with this question or another one, please feel free to post a new topic in the community to bring it up in priority for our experts. Thank you!