Comparison with previous month while displaying all data for a month on Quicksight

I’m trying to create a dashboard where I want to showcase a KPI value for a month along with a comparison with the previous month. I have used the KPI visual for this. I have also added a date filter where users can select a time period.

However, the challenge I’m facing is that once I select the time period (Let’s say April), the comparison disappears, because the entire dataset has been filtered only for April. I will have to select April and March for the comparison to be visible, however I have other visuals on the dashboard where I need to show data for 1 month only.

Is there a way on quicksight where I can show the KPI for a month and a comparison with the previous month in one view? This is possible in Google Data Studio, as below. Here I have only selected one month in the date filter, however comparison with previous month is still possible

as shown here

Hello @ShrysNyk,
I am not sure that I have fully understood your question. However, you can use a filter and a KPI.
Look at this screenshot with an example.

When I change the filter and select any date in July, the KPI is updated:

In the KPI visual settings select the following options:

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Hi @JoseB-aws,

Thank you for your response. In your example you have selected the date range as all months before July, in which case your approach would work fine.

However, in my use case, I need to display the KPI for this month and comparison vs last month (Last month’s KPI value is optional). If I select the time period as 1 month, I am only shown the value for the current month and the comparison will show no data.

I can select 2 months and get the comparison, however I have other visuals that need to display a month’s data in the dashboard.

Hopefully this clairifies things

Hi @ShrysNyk! Checking in. Did you resolve your issue? One thought I had was to create a parameter for the before date. You could then use 2 different filters for the sheet - one applied only to the KPI using relative dates for the last 2 months based on the parameter & the second filter for the other visuals. As long as there is data for multiple months in the dataset, this solution should work.

Hi @ShrysNyk ,

We hope @Kellie_Burton solution worked for you. Let us know if this is resolved. And if it is, please help the community by marking the answer as a “Solution.