Conditional Rules - Can't have all values selected in multiselect control

I have a visual which should only display when a value within a parameter control is selected.
The parameter control has 6 values and is a dropdown multiselect. The visual will display when any permutation of values are selected from 1 value only to 5 values, but will not display if all 6 values are selected at the same time.

The rule to show the visual is to show the visual if the parameter does not equal ‘-’, I read on a previous Q&A that this would work to show any one of the possible values I have. It just doesn’t work when I have all values selected. All my values in the parameter control are just strings which contain only alphabet characters.

What do I need to do to get this to work?

I can provide further information and screenshots if required.

Any help will be appreciated, thank you.

I think it’s because when all of them are selected they become “All”

You can look to this.

Specifically number 7. and the Reserved value.

  1. (Optional) Set a reserved value to determine the value of the Select all value. The reserved value of a parameter is the value that is assigned to a parameter when you choose Select all as its value. When you set up a specific reserved value for your parameter, that value is no longer considered a valid parameter value in your dataset. The reserved value can’t be used in any parameter consumers, such as filters, controls, and calculated fields, and custom actions. Also, it does not appear in the parameter control list. You can choose from Recommended value, Null, and Custom value. Recommended value is the default. If you choose Recommended value, the reserved value is set to the following values based on the value type:
  • Strings: "ALL_VALUES"
  • Numbers: "Long.MIN_VALUE"-9,223,372,036,854,775,808
  • "Integers: Int.MIN_VALUE"-2147483648

To set a reserved value in your new parameter, choose the Advanced settings dropdown list in either the Create a new parameter page or the Edit parameter page and select the value that you want.

Let me know if that helps

Hi Max,

Thank you for your response. I did look at that article previously but everything I tried didn’t seem to make a difference, I must be missing something unless it is just not possible.



I have tried different reserved values including the recommended value, tried hiding the select all option, tried adding in different conditional rules to show the visual.

Is there anything else I am missing or I could show to help figure this out?

Many thanks again for your help.

hi @riley.anderson,

hiding select all and creating rule to hide the visual when ‘-’ is contained in the parameter could be a resolution. however conditional rendering using ‘Contains’ for multivalued parameter does not seem to work. I have noted this in our internal feature request tracker. At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service.