Connect to salesforce sandbox env

I want to check is there any way I can connect to the salesforce env? I tried to change the custom domain but seems failed.

hi @Yuk_Le

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if you would like to connect to salesforce in order to use the data on QuickSight dashboard, the below are the documentation.

or if you would like to embed dashboard into salesforce, the below is the blog for it.

hope this helps.

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Hi Wakana,

Thank you for the reply. I would like to connect the data in salesforce SANDBOX env instead of production, is that possible?
Because my data is all in SANDBOX not in production. Thanks!

Yes it’s possible. Are you facing issues?

Yes, when I try to connect to the sandbox, it returns null like below, but it is working when I connect to production env,

Hi all,
I’m facing the same issue reported by the author.

Trying to connect using any sandboxes credentials will return the following error “LOGIN_ERROR_RESTR_DOMAIN”.

I suppose PROD env is reachable due to the fact access login is
Is there a way to point out to instead of the PROD access login endpoint?

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Any luck in solving this issue? Facing the exact same problem

Hi, I am also facing the same issue. Is there a solution to it ? If so, plz share