Connect Trending and Snapshot Datasets with Same Parameter

Please let me know if this is too multifaceted and I will break it up.

I have a dataset with a column for snapshot date. I have another dataset that is more transactional in nature. I want to create an easy user experience where they select a date from a dropdown control, and that date is used as the snapshot date for the snapshot related visuals, and is also used as the max date (with a filter that defaults to filter a specific range before that max date). So I think this is two questions:

  1. Can a control give a list of dates from a dataset, for example all the dates included as “snapshot date” in my snapshot data.
  2. How could I have that date pass as a parameter to two different datasets and be used in two different ways as described above.

You can do this with parameters at the dataset level and then map them.

I created two separate parameters at the dataset level.


I’ve also created a parameter at the analysis level.

You’ll then map the two dataset parameters to the same analysis parameter.

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Thank you - is the dataset parameter only available for certain data connections? I am just mocking up some dashboards with two uploaded .csvs right now and don’t see how to add a dataset parameter.

I can add it to a csv.

Hi @cactus

Did the solution provided by @Max worked for you? I am marking the reply as “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved.

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Updating - not actually sure I get this. How does the dataset parameter work?

The end functionality I want is to have a list of my report dates in the dataset in a dropdown in the analysis (e.g. 1/6/23, 1/13/23, 1/20/23). When I select one of those, the visuals will update dynamically to show me the last 7 weeks before the date I select. I started with trying to make a dataset parameter (data type = date) but it wants me to select a default. I don’t want to select a default, as I want the default to dynamically be the last report date in my data.