CreateDataSet error, DataSet already exists

When I create DataSet on QuickSight, In Cloud Trail > Event History show error message “DataSet
already exists”

Then I use AWS CLI delete exists DataSet, but Cloud Trail show error message “DataSet
is not found”

how can I fix this issue?

Are you using an admin account when using the cli? It could be that the dataset exists but you do not have permissions to access it via the account you are using for the cli commands. Try using describe-data-set on that dataset with an admin account (or an account that has full IAM QuickSight permissions).

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If you are using the same datasetId, when there is an error during refresh the data during creation might rollback those resources or sometimes if the same datasetId used in different account could clash. So it is better to use different datasetId everytime when used create-data-set.

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