Dataset already exists error during migration of analysis

We are using python script to migrate data. While creating dataset via script the error we are getting is “dataset already exists” but in actual we don’t have any such dataset within target account also we tried deleting target account to scratch built but with no success.


Also for your information that the community support guide as below didn’t help us either :


Could you do a list datasets in your target account either through CLI (list-data-sets — AWS CLI 2.8.0 Command Reference ) or python and search if the above mentioned dataset exists ?

eg using cli output to a file

aws quicksight list-data-sets --aws-account-id 1234567890123 > ./Downloads/list-of-datasets.json


Hi Yaseen,

Please try following the steps that Koushik has mentioned, additionally as this is running from your Python script please make sure that in your script you are not invoking create-data-set multiple times. Once these steps are validated and you are still unable to find the resolution, please open a support ticket and one of our Engineers should be able to troubleshoot and get more information.