Creating new columns with Calculate columns of pivot table?

for example, in the below image total ordered and successfully delivered and columns generated by quicksight after pivot table creation.Then how do i add seperate columns percentage and status.

Percentage Calculation: (total ordered/successfully delivered)*100
percentage >90 and percentage<95:good
percentage>95: super
percentage<90: better luck

NOTE: Here the Total ordered and successfully delivered fields are generated by pivot table itself.

How do i create two seperate columns Percentage and status in pivot table with previous data???

is this what you are looking for?

Values can’t have non-aggregated value columns in them for now in QS

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@nshah-quicksight Thanks for consideration.

But, I need to get seperate columns on basis of data generated by pivot table.

For example, In your example I want to create new columns on the basis of total(column generated by pivot table).

@nitishpala something like this?

if yes, then you just need to put {total_status} in the columns section of the pivot table.

sorry, this is not my usecase, I want to create a seperate Calculated column for every previous requirement data.

For, example in my image the {total ordered} and {successfully delivered} are got showcased by pivot table by grouping columns. For, this values I need to generate a calculated column {percentage} such that it dependent on {successfully delievered}. Similarly, too for status which is dependent on {percentage}

you can nest calculated fields. Is that what you are trying to do?

Or what errors are you seeing now?

Hi @nitishpala

We have not heard back from you regarding your question. We would still like to help. If we do not hear back in the next 3 days, we will archive the question.

Sorry, for delay I was able to achieve it by choosing table visual rather than pivot table.

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