[Quicksight Pivot] - How to itemize rows in Pivot

I have a dataset with column ‘Metric’ which has 12 metrics say A through L. I create a pivot such that these 12 metrics are in the rows.
Now in the Pivot, I wish to add a 13th metric calculated as metric B/metric D*100. Essentially a percentage of 2 other metrics. How can I do this?

You can create a calculated field and add it to the values fields well as the 13th measures and set the number formatting to percentage

Thank you for the quick response. But in my table ‘Profit’ and ‘Sales’ are not fields. There is one field called ‘Metric Name’ and ‘Profit’ and ‘Sales’ are entries under that column.

So I have say 1000 rows for ‘profit’ under ‘Metric Name’ column and 1000 rows for ‘sales’ under the same ‘Metric Name’ column. How do I create a calculated field for ‘Profit%’ in this situation?

Sample below