Number values and percentage values

Hi Community , Is there any way we can achieve pivot table like the below image, where one row consists of number values and one row is of percentage values

Would be of great help if i can get help with this

Hi @Vysh27,

You have to create a separate calculated field to calculate the percentage and add it to your pivot table.

when I create a calculated field for the percentage will the percentage (%) sign be seen?

Hi @Vysh27
if you format the field as a percentage, yes.

but that would apply the sign to everything , I want the % sign to be visible foe some set of rows

Only to the calculated (percentage) field.

better you can use calculated field for %

hi @Vysh27

did you find solution using calculated field? please let us know.

kind regards,

Hi @Wakana , I’ve found the solution for it
I’ve converted it to a string and then was able to achieve it

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