Cross-account migration using UI across dev->stg, stg->prd

I am referencing this workshop plus videos on the Youtube.

The scenario goes over between two account: source - target

But, when I have 3 accounts like dev-stg-prd, how can you define this esp . for stg.
So, assets will be migrated from DEV->STG first.
Then STG->PRD later. We won’t go DEV->PRD directly , of course

In this case, DEV will be the source, and PRD will be a target always.
In that case, STG becomes the target and source.

Between DEV->STG, I can follow the workshop scenario. So, STG will have a stack and roles already.
Then, how can I handle STG->PRD? Should I run stacks for source on STG again?

Don’t they conflict each other?

What about Embed Stack? Do I need to run this again on STG side ?

@Ying_Wang ,

Hey @tbdori !

Can you check out this post about a similar issue?:

Let me know if this helps!


Hello @tbdori - You can follow the Asset As Bundle methodology to promote your content from one account to another account. There’s an illustrated blog post that provides you the relevant details around it. Hope this helps!

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