Cross Sheet , Cross Dataset Filtering

I have two datasets and a visual for each of the datasets on separate sheets. I have a third sheet which has enquiry parametrs

Sheet - 1 : Customers
Dataset : Customers
Visual : Customers By Region

Sheet - 2 : Orders
Dataset : Orders
Visual : Order History

Sheet 3 : Enquiry Parameters
Parameters & Controls
If I filter customers on region, I want that my orders automatically get filtered only for those customers which belong to the filtered region.

I tried several approaches but I am not successful. Any guidance will help.

Do both datasets have the region?

If so you can use parameter’s and have both data set regions filtered to the parameter region.

Thanks for replying Max
Both datasets have Customer ID, region is only present in the dataset Customers


Regions needs to be in the other dataset as well if you want that dataset to be filtered to regions.

For a filter you can add the show only relevant values.

But this does not mean that your visuals will be filtered.