Cross sheet filtering

I have a dashboard/analysis that has multiple tabs. For user experience, I need a single filter to drive what data is displayed across multiple tabs/sheets within the dashboard. I do not want the user to have to select filter criteria on the first sheet and then have to select the same filter criteria on the second sheet when they should be linked. This basic functionality is in other major BI tools. When is this functionality coming to QS?

I see there the ability to create multiple dashboards with a single sheet each and then use URLs to link between them and pass parameters in the URL. But I find this to be more maintenance and not very user friendly if they are switching between sheets constantly.


this tutor on filters will help you.

Hi – this doesn’t work. When you create a filter on the first sheet and click on the “all applicable visuals” option from the filter editor… that only filters the data within the current sheet. When I click on the other sheets, the filter pane has no filters and the data isn’t filtered.

I used the “Business Review” dataset that comes out of the box with the QS implementation. I created 2 sheets with the same exact visualizations (just a pivot table). I added a filter for Customer Name = ENT1 on sheet1 and applied to all applicable visuals. When I switch over to sheet 2 the table is still showing ALL the customers.


you need use parameters in filter and add controls on you both the tabes

Correct, currently you need to use Parameters and add controls for those (they will look identical to the filter controls), then add a filter on each sheet that is driven by that parameter to apply to all the visuals on that sheet. So will need 1 parameter, N parameter controls, and N filters (where N=number of sheets).

To have a parameter drive your filter (for a string filter at least), change the filter type to Custom Filter, and you will see the checkbox to use parameters.

P.S. we are looking to add a true Global Filter ability without having to use parameters


Thanks for that. I assumed parameters were per sheet and they didn’t link together. This worked great. I added controls to each sheet based off the same parameter and they link together so the end-user can easily swap between filters from the control level and it all synchs up nicely!

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