CSV Attachments in Scheduled Emails

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I’ve seen other inquiries here and here asking for the paginated report feature to include a csv attachment in scheduled emails (as opposed to a link to the report). Is there any progress on this request? If so, what is the timeline? We have a lot of clients who would be interested in this feature.


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Welcome to QuickSight Community! thank you for posting your inquiry.

unfortunately we don’t have yet the feature released. we will file your feedback as feature request.

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@cammoore41 CSV attachments in email was launched recently. If you are signed up for Paginated Reporting, you can try it out from QuickSight dashboards.

Hi! I tried Paginated Reporting about a month ago but it just sent a link to the download and required a sign in. Has the feature been updated since?

We have our QuickSight embedded in an iframe and handle credentials on the backend so we need to send our customers emails with attachments that do not require them to sign in.


Hi @cammoore41,
Yes the feature to attach CSV files to email was released recently.

Please do keep in mind email size including all attachments need to be under 10MB in order to be successfully delivered.


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@Rahul_Easwar Can you please send documentation or release notes for this update? I’m not seeing it in the user guide and there’s no way to test it before subscribing to the feature.

Here is the link to the User Guide page: Scheduling and sending reports by email - Amazon QuickSight