Custom format: calendar week

I have a disproportion in my custom format for calendar week. I’m not able to display actual calendar week (for 2 Nov 2022 is calendar week 44) in the dashboard.
Either using “WW” or “ww” format it does not display actual week.
Option 1 - left - compare week 43 with 42 (which is not true, cause instead of 43 it should display week 44 and compare to week 43)
Option 2 - right - compare week 45 with 44 (which is not true, cause we are not in week 45 yet!)

What are the possibilites?

I think this is because the 1st week starts as 0. That is my guess.

For option one, can you make a calculated field that adds one week or seven days to your timestamp field and then use that?

add_one_week = addDateTime(1,‘WK’,{timestamp})

Simplicity is best solution. Thanks

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