Dashboard Filter Refresh Problem

I am looking for a way to programmatically refresh the dashboard controls upon load. At the moment, the dashboard controls do not update with the new dynamic parameter depending on user, and they have to be manually refreshed by the user (by manually clicking an “refresh” on each control to update). This is not good UX for our users.

Is there a solution to this?

I am using a SPICE database.

This topic was also mentioned in these question posts, though not very helpful responses in my opinion:

Hello @zoku , welcome to the Quicksight Community!

Have you looked into capacity pricing for these types of dashboards refreshes?

Hi @duncan

Yes we are subscribed to capacity pricing and went through that process of requesting the activation of the “programmatic refresh” of the filters as mentioned in some of the forums here. However this feature is limited to direct query databases only and unfortunately does not suit the requirements for our database which is using SPICE. I would love the ability to do automatic refresh on the filters for a SPICE database, but I have been told this is not possible yet. Can you think of any other solutions?

It seems like something simple could be implemented to get around this problem? e.g the instead of a user manual click on the “refresh” button, an API call could do this programmatically…

Hi @zoku

Did you find a solution? I am facing this same problem.


Hello @zoku !

Currently there is no way to do this in the UI. I will mark this as a feature request.

You could trying using SDK and Lambda to trigger a refresh on the dataset:
QuickSight API Operations to Control Data Resources - Amazon QuickSight.