Data is not coming into Drop down controller for huge data

Data is not coming into Drop down controller for huge data where data set in SPICE or Direct Query

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Hi @dineshquicksight - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting the question. What is the total data volume and distinct count on which you are putting the filter. Please give some more details around it.

Tagging @David_Wong @Koushik_Muthanna for their advise as well.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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Hi @dineshquicksight,

That’s the expected behaviour for dropdown lists in QuickSight. If there are more than 1000 values, QuickSight doesn’t show the values and you have to search.

Hi Sanjeeb - unique data volume is 2M on top of that i want to create the control and based on the selection details data will be populated (total volume is almost 10M)

is there any other options to see the values so that I can select a value and based on that value I can show the details info

Can you add another filter before your “e meter id” filter and make “e meter id” show only relevant values based on what’s selected in the first filter? This will reduce the number of values that QuickSight needs to display for “e meter id” and if it’s below 1000, it will be able to list all the values.

I have tried that but it is difficult to reduce it 1k. let me check to design it in different way. Thanks

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Thank you @David_Wong for the details, it is really useful. @dineshquicksight 2M unique records is not a good option for drop down. Please share your update design approach so that it may helpful to the community down the line.

Regards - Sanjeeb


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