Data modeling in quicksight

Hi Team
I have a table called master fields are like
inward date
generated value
dispatched date
processed value

i need generated value based on inward date
and processed value based on dispatched date

but in my dashboard i need to use only one single date filter(dropdown)

like these sceniros i have achieved in power bi like below
i have created one candler tabe ,i have provided relationship like this

after that in my dashboard i have used calender date as a filter dropdown,i have calculated generated value normally sum(generated value) why becouse showned above data model i have given active relationship from calender date to inward date

for processed value i have calculated like below

processed value(treatas) =

            USERELATIONSHIP(calener_table[Date], Sheet1[dispatch_date])

it was working as my requirement in power bi

like these scenerios how i need to solve in aws quicksight

here data source will be flat file (.csv) single file only

please provide me appropriate solution

b vinod kumar

@vinodkumarb - Thanks for posting your query. Unfortunately exact replication of this is currently not possible in QuickSight. As outlined in the following post, you can show this in 2 different visuals separately by sourcing the data from 2 different datasets where joins are established respective with inward_date and dispatched_date. Hope this helps!

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